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Have you ever had one of those days when you fall out of bed from the wrong side and it feels like every bone and every muscle in your body has been tramped on all night by a herd of stampeding rhinoceroses? I had one a few weeks ago, the sub-zero temperatures didn’t help and my cozy hot water bottle had long since lost its heat and in fact felt like a block of ice against my back.

‘Something has to be done about this’ I promised myself. Though not quite certain of what exactly was to be done. During the lunch break I headed down the main street and on passing one of the big-name furniture stores, I noticed a sign over in the corner of the shop: Massage chairs for sale – couldn’t believe my luck till I went in and discovered that even the ones for sale were still over a thousand bucks, not the kind of cash I had spare the first week after Christmas.

Gloomily I returned to work, my hopes dashed. But there was still a glimmer of hope. While the boss wasn’t looking I did a little internet research, typing into ‘massage chair for sale’ into my favorite search engine. Well there were reclining ones, pulsating ones, robotic ones, inflatable ones, leather ones, polyester ones, single ones and double ones and ones with little cup holders. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be getting any of them. Again, even the so called ‘sales’ and ‘bargain offers’ were still way out of my league.

It seemed my aching bones were going to continue to ache after all. On the way home in the bus there was a little kid behind me, a fidgety little fellow, I could tell he was a handful. Not long into the journey, as most kids do, he started kicking my seat. I didn’t even have the energy to look behind to give his weary mother a scathing look. I just thought, ‘Do your worst, kid, you can’t make me feel any worse than I already do’.

But then I suddenly started to feel better, somehow the cloud of aches and pains that had been with me all day started to lift. The little kid with the fidgety feet was actually massaging my aching back with his kicking! Back at home I immediately called for my little 5 year old boy. No better a fidgeter you’ll ever meet. ‘Let’s have a game of rough and tumble!’ I suggested, and felt the stress and strain of the day drip away as he jumped all over me. Who needs a massage chair anyway?

Christine Wolters – Massagechairforsale.com is your one stop info source about massage chairs and everything related to it.

1 of the complaints I hear a lot about is the amount of email people get – especially the unwanted kind.

Well I hate to be the barer of bad news but if you’re going to have an online business then receiving a large number of emails daily is 1 of the things you’d better be prepared for.

Signing up for ezines, reports, special deals, free giveaways, traffic exchanges, membership sites, updates, etc bring in a lot of legitimate email. (Not to mention the email you’ll get from your subscribers.)

And after you’ve joined a few lists, had your site up for awhile and kept the same email address for a couple of years you’ll also notice a greater number of “not-so-legitimate” email.

And we’re not talking about an extra 5 or 10 emails aday.

We’re talking about “Hundreds” of email messages to your inbox every day.

Now I can tell you that when you’re a 1 person business having to clean out the “junk” and wade through the good stuff can really eat up your time. Time you should be using to build and grow your business.

So today I am going to offer you a few suggestions on how to save some time in handling all that incoming email. I don’t claim to be an expert at how to receive less “spam” or how to get off of mailing lists or even on how to effectively filter all your incoming email. But since I don’t pay for any mail filtering services I’ve developed a few techniques to help avoid some spam and filter some of it out of my inbox.

6 Ways To Avoid And Filter Spam

1. Never ever post your email address as a clickable link on your or anyone’s web page.

Clickable email address are gathered by email harvesters who then sell them to anyone wants them. So unless you’re really looking for dates, body part enlargement pills, a loan or cashing in on someone’s hidden money in some foreign country I’d recommend you not post your email address as a clickable link. Instead, encrypt your email address.

2. When you identify an email message as spam don’t click any of the links it contains – not even the unsubscribe link!

While a lot of spam does not contain an unsubscribe link, much of it does appear to have 1. The problems with clicking the links are: 1) It may or may not unsubscribe you from that list (since they sent you unsolicited email you can’t trust them to unsubscribe you) and 2) It validates your email address as a good address and puts you on a more expensive list to be sold. So instead of getting less unwanted email you’ll probably start getting more.

3. When you create your contact information for your site use something other than “admin” or “webmaster” as your name in your email address.

Because these names are commonly used many lists are created by gathering domain names and then attaching “admin@” or “webmaster@”.

4. Most web hosts allow you multiple inboxes and have 1 already set up for your use.

The 1 that’s already created is your default inbox and will receive all the email sent to your domain – no matter what name is used. If your site allows you to have more than 1 inbox create another inbox for your contact information email address. Then all your legitimate email will go to that inbox. When you check your default email inbox you may find that your site is receiving a lot of unwanted messages you’ll have to delete it but you don’t need to read it.

5. Try using the built in spam filters for the mail service you’re using.

Recently I switched to Outlook 2003 and it has many new features to block junk e-mail (spam). The most notable feature is Microsoft’s Junk E-Mail Filter. There are 5 key features in Outlook® 2003 to help you combat spam:

Junk E-Mail Filter

Safe Senders List

Safe Recipients Lists

Blocked Senders List

Auto Update

I keep my filter set to low so the messages identified as Junk will be saved in the Junk Folder. That way I can save the legitimate ones before I delete the rest. And every time I identify a valid email I add it to the “Safe Senders List.” While this filter is not 100% effective it does identify between 95% – 98% of the junk and move it out of my inbox. You can find directions on how to use Outlook 2003 on a Microsoft – office – outlook page. (Yahoo and other mail services also provide spam filters. Try turning it on for a week and see if it will work for you.)

6. Whether or not you use the spam filter provided by the mail program you’re using you will still want to set up some personal mail rules for directing certain messages to specified folders.

Since I get a lot of unwanted email to my web site’s default email inbox I’ve set up a rule to send it all to my deleted email folder. To do this I have it catch all email to my site and then defined the exceptions (the valid email names I don’t want deleted). And of course you can set up rules to send mail from specific senders to a special folder rather than have them deleted. (You’ll still have to add these senders to your “Save Senders List” because the junk/spam filters usually run before your rules.)

While the above suggestions will keep most of you unwanted email from getting to your inbox, some will still make it through. Also you will still have to clean out your Junk or

Bulk folders. So here are a couple of shortcuts on how to delete email quickly.

2 Shortcuts for Deleting Email (Outlook)

1. If you have a lot of unwanted messages grouped togetherthen you can delete them all at once by:

* Click on the 1st message to be deleted

* Hold the Shift key down and

* Click the last message to be deleted

All the messages – 1st, last and all those in between should be highlighted so when you click the delete button they will all be gone.

2. If your unwanted email is scattered throughout your inbox you can use the Ctrl key.

* Click on the 1st message to be deleted

* Hold down the Ctrl key and

* Click on each of the messages you want deleted

All the messages you have clicked on should now be highlighted and you can delete them all by clicking the delete button.

Yahoo and other email services usually have you check a box to mark messages you want deleted. Look around and somewhere they usually provide a place where you can “check all.” If most of your messages are to be deleted then “check all” and uncheck those you don’t want deleted before you click the delete button.

When you’re first starting you may not be getting much email and be tempted to look at some of the unsolicited email. But after you’ve been doing business online for awhile you’ll discover that not only do you not have time to look at it but that it also steals much of your precious online time. So take some steps to avoid getting spam and learn to use your email program. You’ll be glad you did.

To Your Success,

Susan Carroll

Susan Carroll – Susan has been helping people with their online marketing for more than 7 years. You’re invited to join her free membership site.

Where are we going to find that lot, so we can build the new home? I do not like to drive forty miles through heavy traffic to get to work every morning and back again at night.

After you are satisfied that getting to and from work will not be too difficult, there are other con­siderations. How will the children get to school? Be sure there is a proper school not too far away, or that a school bus picks up the children in the neighborhood. Then there is the simple matter of shopping for the daily groceries. Are suitable mar­kets not too far away? If you have a preference as to the church you attend, can one be reached within a reasonable distance?


Although many people think that such things as electricity, gas, water, and telephone lines come au­tomatically, there are places where one or more of these services is not available, and it is well to make a thorough check to see that all of these are satis­factory and that their cost is reasonable.

If sewers are not available, you can usually get along with a septic tank, but this will cost more than connecting to a sewer. If, however, there is a monthly charge for the sewer, perhaps in time this would make things come out about even.

A good water supply is, of course, the first neces­sity. You wouldn’t want a house where you could not get good water and plenty of it. It is well to in­quire about the water supply. Is the pressure adequate during the dry season? Is the water safe to drink, and does it taste good?

A dependable source of electricity is also a must. What about the rates? To get so far out that you try to generate your own electricity is only for those few hardy souls who do not mind poor or indifferent service at considerable expense and trouble.

Good telephone service is a necessity in our modern civilization. Be sure it is available without your having to build or pay for building a mile or two of line.

Natural gas is now piped to many localities; and it is very useful, but where it is not available, bot­tled gas can usually be secured. If not, oil can be used for heating and for heating water. Or you can use coal, or even wood in some rural forested areas.

Or you can use electricity for heating purposes, if you insulate the house properly. Many electric com­panies give very low rates for electricity used to heat water, and often for heating the whole house. Gas is not an absolute necessity, but it is well to give con­sideration to what will take its place.

Public transportation passing near your new home is a great convenience. Everybody has cars now­adays, but some families have only one car, and when a man drives it to work, what does his wife do for transportation? But if a man can take the bus to work, he will save money, and his wife can have the car at home.

Or if both husband and wife are employed, the problem is greatly simplified if a good dependable bus line runs near the place. There is usually less nervous tension generated in riding in a bus than there is in fighting your own way through the rush hour traffic.

The View

The view is not an absolute necessity in selecting a site for your new home, but it can well be a very important con­sideration. It must be admitted that there are not nearly enough sites with magnificent views (such that everyone can have one).

Do try to get a lot that is large enough so that you can do something with it. Perhaps you can buy what was originally planned as two lots and make it into a very attractive place. Then again,suppose you can get only one lot 60′ x 120′ in size. You can still do a great deal with it by careful planning.

Select your lot with care and you will be well satisfied with your home.

By Anonymous

If you are struggling to increase sales revenue, you may think the answer is just to get more sales. Or maybe the answer is to sell more. However, as a sales consultant and coach, I can tell you that isn’t always the answer.

Sometimes when sales are the focus of declining profits, it’s helpful to work with a sales consultant with business knowledge and understanding. With both sales expertise and business know-how, we can identify when the problem really is sales – and when it isn’t.

Let me share with you a story about a client. Recently, we sat down and looked at his business. It was going well, but not great. It seemed like every time he would turn the sales corner, something would push him back. It didn’t take long to see that it wasn’t his sales efforts that were impeding his success. It was his team’s inability to deliver his company’s services. He had some employees who were very nice people, but who were just not cut out for providing his service. When we fixed that part of his business, we could more readily focus on the business of his sales. His company has grown more than 30 percent in the last year. Needless to say, he’s ecstatic.

So how do you know when you’ve got a legitimate sales problem and when your problem might be somewhere else? There are some tell-tell signs to look for:

Actual sales figures are up, but profits aren’t
Referrals are drying up
Clients don’t return from one year to the next
New clients come but they don’t stay
The amount of sales is decreasing

Any or all of these can indicate that something is amiss somewhere else in the customer delivery system. Like it or not, if you are in sales, you are also in the business of customer service. After all, if your customer doesn’t come back because they aren’t happy with someone else in the company, it’s not that someone else who pays – it’s you who pays.

One way you can keep a pulse on customer satisfaction is to build into your sales system a ‘check up’ with new customers. You might check with the new customer at 30 days and again at 120 days. Don’t let too much time pass between you and your hard-earned customer. It’s you they trust so be sure to cultivate that relationship.

Entrepreneurs who wear both a sales hat and customer service hat will appreciate that there’s more than signing contracts, the signed contract is when the real work begins of keeping that client for life!

Debbie Mrazek –

In any organization, it’s inevitable at some point that your sales team will hit a rut or run into some obstacles. Maybe it’s because you’re a new, growing company whose name isn’t out there yet, or maybe it’s because your team is discouraged. In either case, there are a number of things you can do to improve your sales in 6 days or less.

Figure out what’s wrong

In order to improve your sales, you must get to the root of the problem. Maybe your team is discouraged. Maybe they don’t know how to handle objections. Consider holding a meeting or meeting with each member of your team individually to find out what is holding them back. Ask such questions as:

1. Have you ever had a sales opportunity that was going well just stop but you didn’t know why?

2. Have you ever been frustrated with the fact that someone is selling the same product or service for less money and didn’t know how to approach that with your prospects when they brought it up?

3. Do you ever become frustrated or down with sales without knowing how to handle it?

4. Have you ever gotten into an argument with a customer or generated a customer complaint?

5. Have you ever felt that you had to compromise your ethics or integrity to meet sales targets?

6. Do you approach every prospect with full confidence, or do you more often than not dread or fear the approach?

Make a plan of action

Once you have identified what’s wrong with your sales force, you can go about implementing a plan to improve your sales in 6 days or less. Consider the following options:

§ Hire a motivational speaker or sales trainer. Bringing in a good motivational speaker who has sales experience or an effective sales trainer can help pump up and excite your team by teaching them new things. Whether it’s through tone of voice for cold-calling or techniques for overcoming objections, a motivational speaker can help your team see things in a different light. Your salespeople will be excited to try out the new, proven techniques, especially if the ones they are relying on now are not working for them.

§ Assess your own techniques. Look at yourself as a sales manager and figure out what you can do yourself to improve your team’s morale or technique. Maybe you’re not training enough. Maybe you’re not a very good listener. Maybe you do not promote a positive atmosphere in which your sales people can thrive. Regardless of the reason, it’s important for you to look within yourself to see how you can improve as well.

§ Reward good performance. One of the best ways to improve sales is to put a little motivation in your sales team. Whether it’s a trip or a cash bonus or just special recognition, rewarding good performance or providing incentives can also help increase sales. Hold meetings that introduce new incentives to get your team pumped up.

Gavin Ingham – For the last 10 years, sales motivational speaker and author, Gavin Ingham has been helping sales people to explode their sales performance by turning self-doubt, …

It doesn’t seem like a lot, but one sale a day, depending on how much the purchase price is, can lead to a lot of money down the road. The question is, how can we go about getting just one sale per day? It doesn’t seem like something that should be so hard. The truth is, it’s not hard. As a matter of fact, once you’ve figured out how to make the first sale, the rest of them should come very easily. This article is going to show you some very simple ways to make just one sale per day, without having to spend a lot of money, if any at all. Think I’m kidding? Just keep reading and you’ll see just how easy it is.

The easiest way to make one sale per day is simply to go to the best source on the Internet for making sales. I’m talking about Ebay. All you need to do is run one auction per day, which doesn’t take long at all, and there’s your one sale. Okay, obviously you need something to sell and for some, that may be the hardest part, trying to find an item to sell. Actually, this is very easy as well. On Ebay, you can actually look to see what the hot items are. Once you’ve done your research, it’s simply a matter of picking up these items wholesale. Now, with wholesale purchases, there is usually a minimum order. Not a problem. That doesn’t mean you have to sell that whole order in one day. Space it out over as many days as it takes to sell the whole inventory. The markup over wholesale can be quite significant and can lead to some decent paydays. The key is finding a good wholesaler. For that, just look up Wholesalers in the Internet Yellow Pages. It’s that easy. You’ll be making a sale a day for months to come. Just keep purchasing wholesale items.

Another easy way to make a sale a day is through article marketing. Many sites on the Internet are looking for quality written content. Simply find sites that are looking for this content on a regular basis and agree to write for them daily. I write for one such site and make $15 everyday for just 45 minutes work. That’s about $450 a month for less than an hour a day.

In my signature, you’ll find a resource that will point you to 14 different places online where you can make more than one sale a day for less than an hour of work each day.

It’s not hard to do. You just have to know where to look.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

Steven Wagenheim – Steve Wagenheim has been a writer in many disciplines for over 30 years. Today, he makes his living online as a writer, copywriter and marketer.

Since you are reading this you must want to know how to make 1 ClickBank sale per day. I am about to tell you the method that I use to make 1 ClickBank sale per day. Making money from ClickBank is not hard, you just need a method to follow, so follow this method and start making money tomorrow.

First of all you need to find 10 products that you would like to promote and that you can at least write 10 articles about. The reason you need 10 products is because you are going to buy 10 different websites and place 5 articles on each site. The remaining 5 articles will be placed on article directories such as EzineArticles.com, goarticles.com, articlesbase.com, hubpages.com, and squidoo.com.

1. After you have found your 10 products that you want to promote you need to do some keyword research. This is the most important part of this entire method because you want to choose 2 keywords but you want your main keyword to be so easy to rank for that you don’t have to do any link building to get on the first page of Google. I recommend that you pick a keyword that has at least 1000 searches per month or more.

2. Now that you have your keywords you need to find 10 websites all with exact match domain names. This is what is going to get your site ranked on the search engines quickly without any backlinks.

3. After you have your domains picked out you want to set them up very basically but have all the seo done on them and have one unique article on them. This is what is going to give Google a hint about what your site is about. For all my sites I found that placing one article on day one and then another article on day 3 is the best way to get Google to come back and crawl your site.

4. Now that you have your sites all set up with one article each you will want to start with one site and finish it completely before moving onto the next site. What I suggest is creating a homepage that is a sales page for the product you are promoting and the other 5 pages will be articles that you wrote about your topic.

5. Now is the final step, you want to write the other 5 articles and post them on the article directories that I stated before. Doing this is what will get you a few backlinks, but more importantly it will get you more traffic to your site.

Now that you understand how to make the website you just need to make sure they reach the top spot on the first page of Google. Once you get all 10 sites on the top spot of Google you should be able to make at least 1 ClickBank sale per day. If you still aren’t sure about this method or would like more tips then check out these great tips and ideas to make money from ClickBank.

Adam Snyder – Adam Snyder is a 23 year old internet marketer I enjoy helping people make money online and offline. I have a passion for finance, business, …

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